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    Filterbelt / Oil Skimming

    Rapid Response Oil Skimmer Technology

    The Rapid Response Oil Skimmer is a vessel specially designed to recover oil spills. It can do this under its own power or while being towed. The MARCO Filterbelt™ oil and debris recovery system is a sorbent lifting belt-type skimmer, with an integrated induction pump. During oil recovery missions, the vessel is operated with oil containment sweeps extended to entrap the funnel surface oil into the vessel pickup well.

    With the MARCO Filterbelt™ boom lowered beneath the water surface and the Filterbelt™ operating, oil is picked up by the Filterbelt™ material. Because of the nature of the belting material, primary separation of oil from water takes place at the surface of the water. As oil and debris encounter the Filterbelt™, they are "filtered" out and carried upward into the vessel.

    As the belt moves around the drive roller, heavy oil and debris are removed by the scraper. Lighter materials are squeezed out of the belt at the squeeze roller. A mesh-bottom debris basket collects solid debris, allowing the recovered liquids to pass through to the settling tank.

    The Filterbelt system is extremely effective, recovering the most viscous and debris contaminated material while maintaining free-water recovery proportions under ten percent. Oil and debris are recovered — not water.

    Click on thumbnail to view Rapid Response Oil Skimmer, or Technology Animation.

    Click Here to view video of Filterbelt operation